What are the 16 SEKEM Vision Goals?

SEKEM is committed to implement our vision for the sustainable transformation of Egypt by 2057 supported by four pillars of development: Culture, Ecology, Economy and Society. 

These pillars are integrated in all spheres of our life and divided in SEKEM’s 16 Vision Goals (SVGs), that guide us in contributing to Egypt‘s sustainable future. 

During the Regenerative Leadership Retreat you will learn about and experience our 16 SVGs in interactive action and see how a complex institutional ecosystem is emerging as a living system. 


SVG 1: Lifelong Learning & Potential Unfolding
SVG 2: Holistic Research
SVG 3: Integrative Health
SVG 4: Living Arts & Culture
SVG 5: Biodynamic & Organic Agriculture
SVG 6: Sustainable Water Management
SVG 7: Renewable Energies
SVG 8: Rich & Resilient Biodiversity
SVG 9: Active Climate Change Mitigation SVG 10: Circular Economy
SVG 11: Economy of Love
SVG 12: Ethical Finance
SVG 13: Responsible Consumption & Sustainable Lifestyle
SVG 14: Integral Organizational Development & Leadership SVG 15: Equality & Diversity
SVG 16: Social Transformation