About the Future Economy Forum

The Future Economy Forum convenes senior leaders in business, agriculture and finance to collaborate with experts and policy makers to meet our most urgent challenges and opportunities.
Together we work towards rapidly scaling a new economic mainstream that truly integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people and nature.
This Regenerative Value Creation that serves all stakeholders is already being successfully implemented across industries and continents. It demonstrates that regeneration can be at the heart of business success and economic development. Simply put, regenerative business is better business.
This way of doing business and growing the economy is not only a nice philosophical choice. It is necessary and therefore unavoidable. Even as Covid and the Ukraine war have temporarily distorted trends, long term data clearly demonstrate that clients and talent, investors and regulators want regenerative value creation to become the new normal.  
The Future Economy Forum builds on decades of experience of its co-founders who around the world led companies and other institutions, built alliances and advanced innovation in this direction. 
Now the Forum invites many new partners to overcome fragmentation and to do what we can’t do alone. Let’s join forces to co-create a new economic mainstream.

Future Economy Forum Activities

Global Leaders Community

The Forum convenes a global community of senior leaders from business, finance, policy and other economic innovation stakeholders to rapidly scale what works.  

Collaborative Platform

The Forum doesn’t compete with the many existing approaches, initiatives and alliances but rather offers them additional opportunities.

From Vision to Action

The Forum highlights complementary visions, diverse innovation approaches and successful implementations in business, finance and policy.

Solutions Initiatives

The Forum supports concrete action on the ground that fosters innovation to translate visions into successful solutions. 

International Convenings

The Forum co-convenes events ranging from leadership retreats to hands-on working meetings and international summits.

Innovation Labs and Executive Programs

The Forum offers business leaders and other economic stakeholders the opportunity to develop and implement solutions.

Media Products

Inspire larger numbers and reinforce the impact of in-person opportunities to scale learning and action around the world.

Let’s explore how we can collaborate. 


Walter Link, CEO and co-founder of the Future Economy Forum and NOW Partners,
Helmy Abouleish, CEO of Sekem and co-founder of the Future Economy Forum,

and our global partners, including our the Solution Events’ 30 co-convenors and 49 partner organizations.