As presenters, partner organizations, co-sponsors and participants, we invited hundreds of senior Egyptian and international leaders from diverse industries and economic stakeholder groups.

These leaders are evolving a new mainstream of business and economy that generates business success and economic development because it regenerates the climate and nature, societies and people.

With many of them, we collaborate in ongoing Action Initiatives that translate the inspiration of these events and the Future Economy Forum’s innovation labs, executive education and media programs into concrete solutions.

We have invited:

Egyptian Leaders

Leaders of the Egyptian government, business and investment community, such as Egypt’s Minister of Environment, host of COP 27 and our events, other ministers, the Cairo Stock Exchange with whom Sekem launches a carbon credit scheme, the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Egyptian junior business association, Green Transition Partners, UN Global Compact Egypt and many of the country’s forward-looking business leaders.

Business Leaders

Owners of family companies, current and past CEOs and senior leaders of multinationals, benefit corporations and certified B Corps, ranging from the CEOs of Natura, Chloe, Eosta and General Electric Brazil to Philip’s Global Head of ESG, Danone’s Global Head of Open Innovation & Circular Economy, the former CTO of Deutsche Telecom, as well as Messe Munich that hosts the world’s largest fairs for industries such as mobility, sports and environmental technologies. 

Finance Leaders

Senior leaders of finance institutions, ranging from multilaterals like the European Investment Bank’s Shiva Dustar to Peter Blom, Dutch Central Bank supervisory board member and ESG banking pioneer and Marilou van Golstein Brouwers, an ESG Investment pioneer who together led Triodos’s bank and investment funds and co-founded the Global Alliance for Banking on Values that demonstrates the outperformance of regenerative finance in 44 countries.

Agriculture Leaders

Regenerative farmers, food company leaders and food system experts, including India’s Vijay Kumar empowering one million successful women farmers, and Brazil’s Pedro Diniz and Fabio Sakamoto of Rizoma Agro who demonstrate that regenerative agriculture can help solve hunter and climate chaos, as well as U.N. leaders like FAO’s science director, Ismahane Elouafi, and the World Food Program’s Martin Frick.

Civil Society Leaders

Experts, academics, social entrepreneurs, leaders of faiths, NGOs and foundations such as Agha Khan, Avina, BMW, Qatar and Rockefeller, the Club of Rome’s co-president, Sarvodaya’s president, the co-leaders of Ashoka, Impact!Africa, EndPandemics and Catalyst 2030 that represents thousands of NGOs, many muslim leaders, a director of the Jesuits in Africa, climate experts and academic leaders like Johan Rockstroem and Hunter Lovins.