Honoring outstanding leaders

The purpose of the FUTURE ECONOMY FORUM LEADERSHIP AWARDS is to honor the outstanding contribution of individuals and organizations towards creating a new economic mainstream that integrates the regeneration of people, societies and nature with business success and economic development. 

We believe that only this mutually reinforcing integration of positive impact and economic success can motivate mainstream leaders and institutions to undergo the fundamental adjustments of their thinking and behavior to implement this new economic DNA that we call Regenerative Value Creation. 

The world needs to be inspired

To scale the movement towards this new economic mainstream, the world needs to be inspired by concrete examples of Regenerative Value Creation that point us in the right direction and inspire others to find their solutions. The recipients of our awards are inspired yet pragmatic models that support fundamental change.

This fundamental system change requires contributions from all relevant stakeholders. This is also reflected in SDG 17, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal that called for true partnership and collaboration among stakeholders, without which none of the other SDGs can be achieved. The FUTURE ECONOMY FORUM LEADERSHIP AWARDS are therefore presented to representatives of key economic stakeholder groups.