Solutions Focus

The program will focus on concrete solutions for key challenges and opportunities for the future economy that already demonstrate how to integrate business success and economic development with the regeneration of people, societies and nature.

Concrete Examples

We explore hands-on examples from across industries and geographies that demonstrate how can we benefit all stakeholders, including owners and investors, clients and talent along the entire supply and value chain, diverse people and societies, other species and biodiversity, nature and the climate?

Application to your own situation

The Solutions Summit program supports you with inspiring examples, expert advice and interactive reflections how to find solutions for your organization’s specific challenges and opportunities.

Ongoing Action Initiatives

Personal gatherings are important sources of inspiration, collaboration and relationship development. But real change on the ground needs ongoing implementation.

Therefore, the Future Economy Forum supports what we call ongoing Action Initiatives. Summit participants will be invited to join existing future economy initiatives and present their own to attract others to support them.

Scaling a new economic mainstream

While is crucial that we turn our own organizations and shared initiatives into models that demonstrate that these new ways of doing business and economy can be successful for all stakeholders, it is equally important that we consider how to scale these solutions into a new economic mainstream.