The invitation

Join us to scale solutions for climate change and a new economic mainstream that integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people, societies and nature.
The UN’s Paris Climate Treaty became a force in part because policy makers partnered with future-oriented economy leaders. Also this year, COP needs a bold and inspiring economic presence to advance concrete solutions.
Therefore, we convene senior leaders from business, agriculture, finance and investment to collaborate with experts and policy makers to meet our urgent challenges and opportunities.

Who we are convening

  • Egyptian and international governments and multilateral institution leaders
  • Owners of family companies, CEOs and senior leaders of multinationals
  • ESG investments and multilateral finance institution leaders
  • International mainstream and cutting-edge business alliance leaders
  • Regenerative agriculture experts and U.N. food & climate systems leaders
  • Policy, foundation & NGO leaders, and social entrepreneurs
  • Leaders in think tanks, academia, faith and the arts
  • And more...

Events before & during COP27 in Egypt

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