Evening Solutions Dialogues Schedule

***Please note that this schedule is dynamically changing as evening sponsorships are finalized. Please check back regularly to stay up to date on our evening offering.

Hosts & Moderators:

  •  Hani Sewilam, Egypts minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, executive director, UNESCO Chair, RWTH Aachen University, Germany. 

  • Helmy Abouleish, CEO of Sekem, an example for regenerative business, agriculture, education and culture.

  • Walter Link, founding CEO of Future Economy Forum and NOW Partners, co-founder of many sustainable business alliances

Presenters (* to be confirmed):

  • Chair, Cairo Stock Exchange, which co-creates a Carbon Credit scheme with the Egyptian government and Sekem. 

  • Bryan Scheler, BMW Foundation, head of sustainable finance and impact investing to empower entrepreneurs and business start ups

  • Asiv or Jeroeme, Brac, one of Asia largest banks, social movements and education systems 

  • Adriana Kokornic-Mina, Global Alliance of Banking on Values demonstrating sustainable banking success in 44 countries

  • Managing Director, National Bank of Egypt, the country’s largest public sector financial institution

  • A representative* of the European Investment Bank, the EU’s bank for climate and sustainable development

  • Martin Stuchtey, Landbank, new financial tools to fund natural based asset climate function 

  • Johan Rockstroem*

  • Usha Rao-Monari*, associate administrator, UNDP

  • Gordon Bennett, managing director, ICE the world’s largest carbon credit trader

  • Bhadra Kanaiya, Sunways Global, India