Regenerative Solutions
for Climate, Biodiversity & Desertification

Future Economy Forum Event Series
at the 2024-2025 UN Climate Conferences

Bonn   |   New York   |   Cali   |   Riyadh   |   Baku   |   Belem

Key Climate Negotiations Leading to COP29 & COP30

JUNE 3-13, 2024

UN Climate Conference,
Bonn, Germany

SEPTEMBER 22-29, 2024

UN Climate Action Week 
New York, New York


UN Biodiversity Conference
Cali, Colombia


Baku, Azerbaijan 


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Belem, Brazil

Solutions Dialogues, Innovation Labs,
Thematic Receptions & More

After successful and widely appreciated event series at COP28 and COP27, at the UN Conferences leading up to COP29, the Future Economy Forum & partner organizations will again co-host Solutions Dialogues and curated sessions designed to strengthen the transition towards a new economic mainstream that integrates business success with the regeneration of people and planet. 

This event series is organized as a part of our ongoing initiative designed to cultivate accelerated action through continuity and long-term strategy for multi-stakeholder engagement at relevant UN Conferences in Bonn, NY, Cali, Baku and Belem, and beyond.

Contact us to discuss collaboration & sponsorship opportunities for Solutions Dialogues, Innovation Labs and more. See resources below to learn more about the Forum's previous Solutions Event series.

Future Economy Forum organizes events designed to lead to ongoing action - bringing continuity and impact beyond one-off events. With our partners, we develop long term UN Conference strategies that are investments in sustained impact through multiple interventions throughout 2024 and towards COP30 in Belem, Brazil in 2025.

JUNE 2025

UN Mid-Year Climate Conference,
Bonn, Germany


UN Climate Action Week 
New York, New York


Belem, Brazil

What is Your Organization's UN Strategy?

Climate change is ultimately addressed when policy and commitments meet the real economy in tangible cases. Being present at the table and having a forward-thinking strategy towards a climate-proof future is key for all organizations.

Partnering with the Future Economy Forum, your organization can participate in curating key conversations, co-hosting & designing Solutions Dialogues and joining exclusive Innovation Labs that address the specific audience of top leaders and policymakers that come together for these high-level global strategy events.

The Forum’s goal is to evolve your UN Conference success from a moment in time to an ongoing, action-oriented process that leads to real innovation and implementation.


Why COP29 and the UN Climate Conferences?

COP offers a rare opportunity to advance your objectives in collaboration with leaders from government, business, finance, civil society and other sectors.

  • Access diverse global stakeholders that can advance concrete outcomes:
    • Government leaders from 200 nations,
    • 80,000 leaders from diverse sectors,
    • 4,000 media representatives. 

At COP official and side events, we have the opportunity to shape critical dialogues and actions for the future of agriculture, industry, finance and leadership.

Work with the Forum to evolve your COP success from a moment in time, to an impactful process that leads to innovation and implementation.

Innovation for Transformation

The Future Economy Forum focuses on solutions, and on what gets us there.

At COP29 and beyond, the Future Economy Forum and our partner organizations develop and strengthen initiatives that model and scale successful solutions for critical challenges and opportunities.

These Solutions Initiatives create regenerative value for all stakeholders – from nature and society to clients and talent, owners and investors.

We call this Regenerative Value Creation, that systematically integrates positive impact with economic success to advance into the:

  • Future of Agriculture,
  • Future of Industry,
  • Future of Finance,
  • Future of Leadership,
  • And ... 

Dialogues that Lead to Outcomes

The Future Economy Forum's COP29 Solutions Event series will serve again as a generative haven within the rushed intensity of COP.

In the spirit of cross-sectoral exchange and creative dialogue, it will be a space conducive to deeper connections and collaboration that support concrete action.

The Forum's programs invite the exchange of diverse stakeholder perspectives in an atmosphere of respectful and constructive dialogue.

From decades of working towards meaningful change, we have learned that it is real relationships that lead to the best outcomes.


"Seldom one gets the opportunity to be as energized as I am right now."

~Patrik Frisk
Long-time president of global corporations, inc. The North Face, Under Armour & Timberland.

"Working together here at COP, we got done in 2 weeks what normally would take a year."

~Vijay Kumar,
Executive Chairman, APCNF

"Thank you very much for hosting and facilitating so many interesting meetings and conversations."

~ Michiel Bakker
VP, Google

"This was the best session I joined at COP."

~ Fiona Harvey,
Environmental Editor, The Guardian

COP28 Solutions Event Series

About the 2023 Solutions Dialogue Evenings in Dubai, UAE.

COP27 Solutions Event Series

About the 2022 Solutions Dialogue Evenings in Sharm El-Shaikh, Egypt.

COP Sponsors, Speakers & Partners

Since our launch at COP27, the Future Economy Forum’s events and ongoing solutions initiatives include senior leaders of the following organizations:


Sponsor & Partnership Opportunities

Schedule a call to explore how we can partner together to develop an optimal experience for your organization's presence at the 2024-2025 UN Conferences and COP29.